Exodus: A Musical Journey

In the serene town of Hossana, nestled in the heart of Southern Ethiopia, my love for music began to bloom. At the tender age of six, I found solace and inspiration in the simple melodies of a small keyboard—a gift that ignited a lifelong passion for music.


At 17, I left behind the familiar streets of Hossana and embarked on a new chapter in Addis Ababa, pursuing my studies in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Addis Ababa University. Despite the demands of academia, my heart remained tethered to the melodies of my youth.

In 2017, I graduated from Addis Ababa University, armed with a degree and a burning desire to share my music with the world. Alongside my career in software and technology, I continued to cultivate my passion for music, drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of Ethiopian culture and the timeless rhythms of gospel music.

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As my musical journey unfolded, I found unexpected success on social media, with my music videos capturing the hearts of viewers. This momentum culminated in a remarkable opportunity to share my story on national television, where I was featured in a heartfelt interview that celebrated the intersection of faith and creativity.

In February 2022, I took a leap of faith and unveiled my debut album—a collection of soul-stirring melodies that resonated deeply with listeners. What made this achievement even more remarkable was that it succeeded organically, without a single marketing effort.

From the humble beginnings of Hossana to the vibrant pulse of Addis Ababa, my music tells the story of a journey guided by faith and inspired by the universal language of melody.

As I continue to navigate the winding roads of life, I remain forever grateful for the gift of music that has accompanied me every step of the way. Join me on this pilgrimage as we explore the transformative power of music, from the quiet moments of reflection to the jubilant crescendos of praise.